My mom is glowing for your products."
Bettina - Germany

"My son sent me the ADi nail kit from Australia. Do you still sell it over there?
Your products are fabulous - I wish I could get them here!"
Maureen South Africa

"I live in Toronto.
Recently I used on of your nail kit and I must say that I loved it.It's a great product.
I got it as a gift and it came from Europe,can you tell me where can I get this in Toronto,Canada"
Beatrice - Canada

"Yesterday I tried your excellent product body scrub - lavender that a friend bought it from Rhodos
I wonder if and where I can find your products in Athens, Greece".
Maria Greece

"Thank you once again for your support.
I love this Anti aging serum and will continue using it and have let my friends know how good it is".
Peter Australia

"I have been given 2 of your products as a gift and would like to know where I can contact an agent
in Johannesburg, South Africa in order to purchase more".
Paula South Africa

"Last year I bought a several of your wonderful products and my skin has never looked better.
However I need to buy more and the stand is no longer at the shopping centre I visited. I live in
Perth Western Australia and would really appreciate it if you could tell me my nearest source for
buying your products."
Eloise Australia

"I live in South Africa and bought body scrub in a mall on promotion. I just
want to find out where in South Africa can I purchase it, as it is a
wonderfull product."
Adele South Africa

"Dear Adi Beauty team!
I was trying to find some more details about a "Non abrasive peeling" on you site, but it's not
there... I "discovered" this product few days ago and i am totally shocked by the results.. It really
made my face glow. And only after 1 application!!!! I had huuuuuge problems with acne and unpurity
on my face, but since i'm using this peeling - i'm speachless. What do you put in this product?
Actually, it doesn't matter, because i believe in this product and want to try the mud mask and
facial cream andf body butter and ... and... :)

Good work, Adi Beauty, you have one new, absolutely satisfied customer and a happy customer is the
best commercial! I'll make sure all my friends find out about you. Now i know where to buy birthday
presents and am sure that the receivers will be thrilled with them just as i am!

Kindest Regards and thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Tamara - Croatia

"Hello from Germany,
I bought some products recently and I am really convinced of the high quality!!!
Please send me if possible prices of facial treatment."
Martina Germany

"Hello!! My name is Monika Anna Cot. I am 32 years old. I m married with one child, who s 10 years
old, and I live in Romania. This summer I spent 10 days at the Bulgarian seaside, where I had the
opportunity to test the ADI-Beauty cosmetics. I was delighted of the products results, and then I
lent to my girlfriends, who were of the same opinion. I would like to get involved in a buisness
related to this product."
Monika Romania

"Good day
I trust all is well...
I am situated in South Africa, Cape Town.
I received a demonstration from Heila which is currently marketing the product in Somerset Mall, I
enjoyed the Dead Sea Products a lot and would like to get more information on becoming a wholesaler
in South Africa.
The Products are phenomenal and I can not believe that any Product can make my skin feel the way that these Products do."
Melissa South Africa

"Hello,my name is Natalie,im from Belgium,1 monts ego i prof the cream "ADI" anti-age.
This is very good cream,can you send my one".
Lin Belgium

"I Bought a wonderful Eye cream and Spa scrub in Rhodes this summer. Is it possible to buy the
ADi-Beauty products in Stockholm, Sweden?"
Cecilia Sweden

"I have proved the body scrub Sale and Oil Lavander in shopping center dimonstration in the province
of Bergamo, Italy. This stand has been presentated by some Israeli boys and girls. I like this scrub.
Is incredible! "
Ecaterina Italy

"Hello, my name is David and I am writing to you from Melbourne Australia. As part of the Group
we would like to talk to you about selling your product direct to the public in Australia. We have
heard many great things about Adi Beauty and would like to discuss further."
David - Australia

"My name is Anita, yesterday i find yours product in the mall near my home, i bought your products
the Body scrub, Facial care, boddy mask.

I started to use the products and must say they are good i already in the past used 'hava'."
Anita Italy

"I have just purchased a whole range of your products, and am very impressed with them to the point
that i have friends and family interested in them."
Nancy Australia

"My girlfriend and I have tried your products. And we find them very very good. Maybe she wants to
start selling them. Could you sent us some prices? Thanks."
Med Denmark

"I can't believe the results I have got from using your nail system. I was getting gel nails that
made my nails split and frail, my nails were a mess. My daughter purchased your nail kit for me from
a stand in a mall and I am amazed at how my nails are natural and beatuiful. No more splitting, or
breaking just a lovely natural strong nails.

Thank you ADi-beatuy"
Willis New Zealand

"Could you please tell me where I can purchase the Natural Mud Shampoo and Hair Conditioner in Perth,
Western Australia?

I have Psoriasis on my scalp and have found this product to be the most effective in treating many of
the symptoms.

Thank-you in advance and regards"
Simon Australia

"I would like to enquire do you have any wholesalers selling your
products in Ireland. One of my friends purchased some of your products
in the Czech Republic and I found them extremely good especially the
Shea Butter cream. If you do not have anyone representing your company
in Ireland I would be very interested in speaking about potentially
marketing your products."
Anna Ireland

"Ive tried your nail kit and I found it very good.
I would be grateful if you could kindly tell me if this kit (and other ADi-Beauty products) are sold
in Paris (France).
Thanking you in advance, I send you best regards"
Roberta France

"Can you please tell me where in South Africa I can purchase your product? I bought some when I was
in Montenegro and love it!!!"
Antoinette South Afrcia

"How much is your Mud Shampoo and conditioner and are you going to be in any shopping centres in
Adelaide Australia before Christmas?
I am currently using your mud shampoo for my psoriasis and am extremely happy with the results."
Sandy Australia

"I just wanted to let you know about an amazing result I've had with your mango hand and body lotion.
I used the lotion on my hands, rubbing any excess into my forearms and elbows. After about a week I
noticed the psoriasis on my elbow had all but cleared up, leaving my skin smooth and unmarked. I
experimented by not using the lotion for a few days and the psoriasis began to appear again. It
disappeared again when I started using it again.

I have had this psoriasis for more than 10 years and have tried both prescription and over-the-
counter creams. Nothing has ever worked. I don't know what the magic ingredient is in your lotion but
I am very happy to be rid of this ugly skin condition. I will now try it on psoriasis spots on other
parts of my body.

I would like to purchase some more of this hand and body lotion and wondered if you could email or
mail me a list of stockists on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia."

Yours faithfully"
Maggie Australia

"hi my name is joyce
i bought a hand and nail care product from one of your sellers in new lynn auckand new zealand
'it is awesome stuff and i have run out and would like to get some more can u plse contact me and let
me know how to get it again
i also have family members interested as well

thank you"
joyce New Zealand

I have recently started using ADI products and absolutely love them. I have had psoriasis since I
was young and this is the only product I have come across that works at all, never mind as well as it
does. Including the creams and lotions I have used from the hospital and my GP.

My parents bought me the items when they were in Turkey and since then Ive been trying to find
somewhere I can order them from. Do you know of a retailer online that I can buy your products from
please? Or Alternatively I live in Aberdeen, Scotland but I understand its unlikely you have a
stockist here.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for a wonderful product! "
Allison Scotland

I live in Serbia and i realy wood like to have a Nail Kit Sexy Scent. Where I can buy it in serbia?
I like it because my nails have got another color and they shine!
please reply."
Vera Serbia

I am in the UK and want to know how I can mail order a nail kit for myself- your product is great!"
Helen UK

"I recently received some Anti Wrinkles Cream as a gift from a friend who bought it in Israel and I
think it is a really good product. I've been using it regularly, and I'm interested in purchasing
some more. Can you tell me which stores in New York City (or if there are none, which stores in the
U.S.) sell this product? Please respond to me at this email address.

Thank you very much."
Fran USA

Last year I was on holiday in Cyprus, and I bought some of your products there. And now I ran out,
and I think it is a long way to go to Cyprus again to buy some more I can see on your website that
you have some one in Denmark, who is selling your products. But I cant find out where. Do your have
a contact address or a websiteaddress, so I can order some more?

Best regards"
Winnie Denmark

"A friend of mine has shown me your nail products, She has had a fantastic help from this within just
a few months. I have ridges in my nails, they split all the time and my friend showed me how to
polish them and sooth them. My friend bought a kit at a an open market stall here in Sweden. And it
has really helped. Tell me how I can order,

Marianne Sweden

I have bought the nail and hand care kit from a nearby shopping centre after trying the
products. I am convinced that the hand cream contains 'healing' minerals, as my hands feel
softer and the pains I have in my hands have nearly gone.
If you decide in the future that you would sell your products as a 'party plan' option then I
would be very interested in selling them.
I look forward to trying your other products in the future.
Your happy customer"

"I have just purchased some of your amazing beauty products this morning while checking out the
new town I now live in, Belfast. I felt after coming home and trying out my new products
mineral bath salts and nail kit) that I had to email your company and say a big thank you.

Firstly, your Sales Assistant in Castle Court, Belfast, although I don't remember her name, she
was lovely. She explained the products to me very clearly, was extremely pleasant and although
I was not out to actually buy anything today, I ended up speding over 60 on products which I
have just used and can truthfully say they have done everything your sales assistant promised.
My nails are gorgeously clean, so smooth and shiny as she promised, and after having a 20
minute bath with the mineral bath salts my whole body feels so great. I have a muscular
disability which causes me constant pain 24/7, normally a bath would make me fill ok, but
having a bath in your mineral bath salts I feel alive, thank you. Also with your nail kit,
normally I cannot spend hours sitting trying to clean my nails up, but with the simple 3 step
instructions from your sales assistant, my nails now look as good as I fell.

I sincerely hope that you are able to pass my gratitude to your sales assistant and hope on my
next trip into the town will be as relaxing and enjoyable as she has made todays.
I will be definately be back in the town to buy more products and look forward to receiving the
great no nonsense, pleasant and extremely helpful advice from your sales assistant again.

Thank you again"
Sarahjane - Northern Ireland, UK

"I heard about ADi from a friend who was telling me that the quality of your product and Ahava
Dead Sea products are very similar, yet yours are significantly cheaper. My partner and I would
like to open a few kiosks in different upscale malls around America retailing your product at a
competitive price. As far as quantity, we must still determine how many kiosks we will be
opening and where in order to give you a more accurate number.

Best regards,"
Jacob USA

"Hello there
i saw some of your products at a stand set up in stirling ,scotland. I would
like to purchase some a tub of your body scrub.
Id be grateful if you could tell me where i could buy this product from in the uk

Many Thanks"
Nargis - UK

"Dear sir / madam
Two weeks ago I bought your company's product (Nail Kit & Eye Cream) to use, afterwards the
effect really was mysterious.
I am thinking about to import your products into my country---Taiwan. I believe your products
are everybody expecting for. I would like to know how to become your wholesaler or distributor
in Taiwan.
I look forward to your early reply

Janice - Taiwan

"To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to you to ask where I can buy your beauty products as I bought some from a stall
that was only there over the Christmas shopping period, I think, at Wigan Galleries Shopping
centre, Lancashire, Great Britain, and think that they are fabulous, I now am in need of some
more Nail care kits in mango and the body scrub also. Please help me if you can.

Louise England

"Hi There
I am currently living in Chiswick, London, United Kingdom.
I have just returned from traveling to Cyprus in which is where i was first
introduced to your product and wow what can i say they are brilliant. I would be very
interested in selling your product as having returned i have
mention to a lot of people i know on how good this product is.
From what i have experienced from these products i feel this can be a huge success where i live.
I will be looking forward to your response.

Kind Regards"

Where can I buy your ADi-Beauty Products in Singapore? Pls send me the add. Because I've bought
your product @ City Hall in SIngapore, but I seldom go there. Anyway, hope to see your email

Rgds." Thao Singapore

"Hi there.
My sister recently purchased some of your products and showed them to me. How do I go about
purchasing them? I live in New Zealand. Can you put me onto a supplier in New Zealand please?

Thank you."
Jennie New Zealand

"Sirs and Ladies,
It was a great pleasure for me to test and buy a wide range of ADi beauty products in Rhodes
Island in Greece this summer. After a frequent use of them my skin got a fantastic touch and
appearance. Because I am interested in buying these products again and try some new, please
inform me if there are any other sales points in Athens Greece where I can find and buy your
products. I have also presented and recommended ADi beauty products in many friends who are
also interested to try them.

Vicky Greece

" Hello
On my holiday in greece I bought one of your products, and I am very pleased with it. I would
like to purchase som of your other products, is it possible to do so over the nett or have you
got any sale in Norway?

Nina Norway

"Could you please tell me who sells your products in North Queensland. Cairns or Townsville
areas please.
I have used your products and find them very good for my old skin and would like to continue
using them.
The product I have was purchased at Toombul Shopping Centre in Brisbane.

Patricia Australia

I come from Larnaca, Cyprus and I love your products. Could you please tell me where I can find
them in Cyprus? Ie addresses or phone nos?

Thank you in advance."
Angela - Cyprus

" Hello,
I am living in Seattle, Washington in the U.S. My mother who lives in Singapore bought your
products there and strongly endorses them. She told me that I must try them. I have been
searching on the web but your website only seems to sell in bulk i.e. 24 in a carton. How or
where can I buy your facial products for individual sale. Is there a U.S. website or somewhere
that I can buy this in Seattle? I am very interested as mother believes that your products are
some of the best. I also would like to know how much your products are. I have normal skin but
am prone to breakouts. The products I would like to konw about price and for purchase are:
1. Mineral Cleansing Milk
2 Mineral Facial Toner
3. Eye Cream
4. Facial Scrub Mask
5.Mud Mask
6. Night cream
7.Multi-vitamin serum
Please let me know where I can find these products in the U.S. Thank you for your time and I
look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible."
Melissa USA

"Hi! Im Alexandra from Portugal. I buy some produts from Adi- Beauty anda Im very happy with them.
How can I buy more os your products?
Sorry for my English"
Alexandra - Portugal

" Hello!
I have tried you products regarding skin and nails och i have find them so wonderful. My
problem now is that i want to buy more, both for my friends and myself. Where can i find them -
i live in Stockholm. Pleas get me posted as soon as possible.

Kind regards"
Maud Sweden

I am a resident in Australia and recently came about your products whilst holidaying in Western
Australia in Perth. My daughter suffers from psoriasis and your Dead Sea mineral soap was
extremely beneficial for this condition and we are wondering how we would be able to purchase
your products individually.
We have been so impressed with your products including the Body Mud Mask and the Body Scrub and
we were hoping to include a range of your products in a store here on the Central Coast of NSW,
Australia. We would be interested in discussing with you the possibility of establishing a
relationship for the sale and distribution of your product on the east coast of Australia.
In the mean time could you please advise how I would go about purchasing the Dead Sea Mineral
Soap for my daughter on-line.

I look forward to your reply,"
Wayne Australia

"Im pretty much addicted to your Sexy Scent hand and body lotion, and I wondering if you can
buy your products online? If not, where can you find it? I've bought mine in a market stall..
Is it any shops in Sweden that sells your products, or what?"
Angelica Sweden

"Good Afternoon,
Last summer I was lucky enough to find your product Shea
butter which I found to be the best product I have ever purchased. Your products were on sale
in the market at Paphos Cyprus. This year I have been to the same site and the shop is not
open. Will it be opening in the near future or please would you tell me where else in Paphos I
may buy your great products.

Many thanks"
Lynda Cyprus

"Hi, I purchased a range of your skin care which has now run out. Where can I go to purchase more?
I have sensitive skin and have found your products to be brilliant. They have not caused a
reaction of any kind and have even improved my skin. I would love to continue using these
products but don't know where to get them or even how much they are. Please let me know where I
can find them.

Many thanks"
Bronwyn - New Zealand

"received the order and everything was ok. I'm very satisfied about your products and I'll be back
soon to your online shop."
Elonore Italy

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